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Discovering the Gifts of Challenge

By Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S Many of us are taught to believe that somehow life would be "better" if we could get rid of or minimize the challenges that we experience [...]

Growing as a Play Therapist

by Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S Whether you’re a play therapist or a teacher, an architect designing multi-million-dollar buildings or a veterinarian working with sea turtles, it’s easy to grow complacent in your [...]

Don’t Expect to Stay Calm – Stay Connected!!

By Peter Bliss Speaker, Author, Coach, Mindfulness Expert & Demartini Method Facilitator, Neuroptimal Neurofeedback Brain Trainer _____ Many leaders, gurus, even health "experts" are telling us to stay calm. I understand their [...]

Growth Requires Friction

By Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S In this article published in the Science of Psychotherapy magazine, Lisa talks about how growth requires friction. It requires tension points and challenge. It requires moving out [...]

Body Language: Why it Speaks Volumes

The body tells the truth. It is the great revealer - an integral part of the puzzle, a prominent pixel in the big picture. Too often we focus on words, believing that [...]

Where Was Your First Playroom?

by Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S Where was your first playroom? Was it on a checkered sofa where you slew vicious dragons? Was it in the front yard where you deemed yourself captain [...]

Embracing Knowledge and Finding Gratitude in Growth

by Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S In this season of gratefulness, many of us find ourselves being thankful for our jobs: we love what we do and who we help. The opportunity to [...]

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Finding Gratitude in Challenges

by Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S For many of us, it’s easy to find gratitude for the good things in our life: we’re happy for the blessed, but not so much for the [...]

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The Brain on Gratitude

by Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S Gratefulness: tis’ the season! While being thankful is something we often strive to be, the holidays usher it into the spotlight: quiet please, gratitude is about to [...]

Are Guilt, Shame, and Worry Rewarding? You Might Be Surprised

By Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S If neuroscience came with a slogan, it’d probably be:  The Brain - We’re Just Getting Started. There’s so much yet to learn about this organ. There’s so [...]

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