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Disaster Relief/Training Abroad

Welcome to the International Center for Play Therapy and Research. 

Our global mission is to provide opportunities for professional connections within the therapeutic global community while inspiring cultural and personal exploration.  To share and develop skills that benefit children around the world.

  • Providing professional development and training to prepare play therapist for study abroad and participate in international exchange programs.
  • Providing training and develop opportunities for play therapy teams to respond to Red Cross as Disaster Mental Health and Crisis Counselors.
  • Conducting research to expand knowledge of neural integration in the play therapy process.
  • Expanding counselor awareness of global and cultural challenges that impact children.


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Disaster Relief & Mental Health Crisis


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We have recently partnered up with the American Red Cross and will soon begin Disaster Relief Training for therapists in Colorado- stay tuned for more details!



Study Abroad Cape Twon, South Africa


[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]lionHave you ever dreamed of traveling to South Africa and volunteering your play therapy skills?   Join the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado and Lionhearted Kids for a volunteer experience that is one of a kind.  For more information about this program, please contact the Institute directly and check out the website for Lionhearted Kids.   Stay tuned for more details on this website.[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]



Opportunity Abroad

For Therapists

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