Play therapists designed this professional development class to assist early-childhood educators and caregivers in nurturing age-appropriate social emotional development.When it comes to teaching and learning, the teachers at the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado – Home of Synergetic Play Therapy are nothing less than inspired. As learners and teachers ourselves and with a constant eye on new research supporting children’s emotional development, we recognize the challenges that arise socially and emotionally in school and daycare settings. We strongly believe that supporting and empowering teachers and providers through education is an essential component to the health and well-being of the children and the educators themselves. Whether you are looking for one presentation, a series of presentations or hands-on support, we can help. All of our teacher and provider education programs are custom tailored to fit your specific needs. Our presentations and ongoing workshops are fun, interactive and highly experiential. For more information call 720-485-9597 or email us today.

Our Class “Understanding Children’s Social-Emotional Development: A Neurobiological Perspective” meets the 3 clock hours required for social-emotional learning from Colorado Shines. We are excited to announce that, due to significant demand for the course and because teachers have such busy schedules, we’ve decided to offer the course exclusively in video format. Take the course at your convenience.

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Featured Workshops

  • Understanding Children’s Social Emotional Development: A Neurobiological Perspective (meets the 3 hours required by Colorado Shines for social emotional learning
  • Nine Elements to an Effective Parent Conference
  • Hold your Seat: Managing Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom
  • Regulation in the Classroom
  • The Art and Science of Creating Great Relationships with Kids
  • Managing Burnout for Teachers and Caregivers
  • Understanding the Meaning of Children’s Play
  • Argh! The children are driving me crazy!
  • Child Brain and Nervous System Development and its affects on Mood and Behavior

“Why have I not learned this before?! This class should be a requirement for all teachers and educators. Learning how to think about children’s behaviors and attention levels from the standpoint of values and priorities was a real eye-opener. I am really excited to apply what I have learned with my students and inspire them, instead of trying to coerce them into getting things done… thank you!”

Matt G., 3rd grade teacher (How to Motivate your Students presentation)