From fear of the unknown to uncomfortable incongruence, the brain is a worry wart! It’s forever on the lookout for external and internal threats. And there are certain things that bother it more than others.


1:00 Lisa provides an overview of the Lessons from the Playroom series

2:40 What is the brain searching for?

3:05 The importance of the amygdala in assessing threats

4:10 How does the brain perceive sensory data?

4:49 The first threat of the brain

6:10 The second threat of the brain

7:30 Why is making the unknown known so vital?

8:50 The brain can’t tell the difference between real and imagined

10:20 The third threat of the brain

11:45 Why do people go on high alert when things don’t add up?

12:00 How important are patterns to the brain?

12:30 What is the importance of congruence in the playroom?

13:05 Authenticity with children – why does it matter?

14:30 How do we avoid compassion fatigue?

15:53 The fourth threat of the brain

16:50 What is the danger of betraying your authentic self?

18:45 There is no script in the playroom

19:05 Giving yourself permission to trust yourself

19:25 Lisa reviews the four threats

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