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Using hands-on and practical techniques, Lisa will assist the group to trace the moment to moment shifts in regulation between the professional and child, providing a level of insight which supports the transformation of aggression into ways of connecting and mutual trust.

Lisa’s approach highlights how a compassionate and relational orientation is critical to be aware of the multiple layers of meaning that occur in the exchanges between professional and child/young person.

This training will benefit child/adolescent therapists, social workers, teachers, heath play staff, early years teacher practitioners, SENCOs and psychologists.

Participants will come away with a range of new skills and strategies that include:

  • Being able to describe how to relate from a neurobiological perspective
  • Learning how to set boundaries without shaming or shutting down the child
  • Learning how to make aggressive play therapeutic
  • Understanding how to work with the intensity of aggressive play without the professional’s own nervous system shutting down resulting in compassion fatigue and burn out
  • Learning how to become the external regulator to deepen children’s ability to integrate the challenging experiences they are working through

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