By Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S

You might know this for yourself (and your clients), but at the end of the day, what we ultimately want is to feel safe – inside of ourselves and in the world. We have a need to feel physically safe, be able to make sense of what is happening around us, experience congruence within ourselves and in relationships, and be loved and appreciated for who we are.

Sound about right? 

And I want to share with you what our brains are scanning for to determine if we’re safe … and the lack thereof is what tells us we might not be safe.

….Because expanding our awareness of these potential challenges or threats to our clients’ brain will help us have a deeper understanding for how to support our clients in a way that ultimately leads to empowerment, healing, and transformation (and even if you are a parent).

In this 4-part video series on the four perceived threats to the brain, you’ll discover exactly what our brains are scanning for as we move through the world that gives us a sense for whether we or the environment we are in is safe. 

As you watch, think about each one of these four challenges/threats to the brain, not only on their own, but all of them together and how they might show up in your play therapy sessions with your clients:

Much love on the journey 💜