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Lessons from the Playroom Episode #120: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy with Children

Another amazing guest is joining Lisa Dion for this Lessons from the Playroom episode - Dr. Bonnie Goldstein. As a faculty member at Pat Ogden’s Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, she’s taken Sensorimotor [...]

2022-06-30T09:07:41-06:00May 24th, 2022|Podcasts|0 Comments

Beyond Words: A Story of Connection

By Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S I sat down in the middle of the room and waited.  I wondered which child would come to me?  She came.  She was about 6 years old [...]

Lessons from the Playroom Episode #119: Conversation with One of the Pioneers & Experts of Gestalt Play Therapy

This next Lessons from the Playroom topic is near and dear to Lisa's heart as she is a Certified Gestalt Therapist and Gestalt is one of the root theories of Synergetic [...]

2022-06-30T09:18:36-06:00May 9th, 2022|Podcasts|0 Comments

Lessons from the Playroom Episode #118: How Trying to be Calm Gets in the Way of Regulation

In this podcast episode, Lisa clarifies one of the biggest misconceptions out there right now for parents and therapists - that regulation means being CALM. ...You’ve likely heard the idea that [...]

2022-06-30T10:20:51-06:00April 26th, 2022|Podcasts|0 Comments

Don’t Expect to Stay Calm – Stay Connected!!

By Peter Bliss Speaker, Author, Coach, Mindfulness Expert & Demartini Method Facilitator, Neuroptimal Neurofeedback Brain Trainer _____ Many leaders, gurus, even health "experts" are telling us to stay calm. I understand their [...]

Lessons from the Playroom Episode #117: How to Hold “Hard Stories” in Play Therapy

Lisa met her next guest at her very first APT conference. She was doing a presentation on supervision. As Lisa sat in her course, she remembers thinking, “Who is this woman?! [...]

2022-06-30T10:28:37-06:00April 13th, 2022|Podcasts|0 Comments

Growing as a Play Therapist

by Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S Whether you’re a play therapist or a teacher, an architect designing multi-million-dollar buildings or a veterinarian working with sea turtles, it’s easy to grow complacent in your [...]

Lessons from the Playroom Episode #116: Expand Your Cultural Lens When Working with Immigrants & Refugees

Join Lisa Dion for a most beautiful and eye-opening (and, unfortunately, so relevant to what’s happening in the world right now) conversation with someone very dear to her - Liliana Baylon [...]

2022-06-30T10:57:37-06:00March 29th, 2022|Podcasts|0 Comments

Marketing Yourself as a Play Therapist

By Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S Therapy will always be about what happens inside the relationship between the client and the clinician; that’s the heart of the matter. But, therapy is also a [...]

Lessons from the Playroom Episode #115: Transforming Education: Empowering Educators & Students

Join Lisa and Judy Norman, Certified SPT therapist/supervisor and SPT co-teacher as they share the launch of the Synergetic Education™ Institute. It's been years in the making as they've both seen [...]

2022-04-26T05:48:50-06:00March 14th, 2022|Podcasts|0 Comments
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