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Welcome! The Synergetic Play Therapy Foundation (SPTF) is a non-profit fundraising and research organization. Click below to discover ways to donate to our scholarship funds and our current research projects.

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The Synergetic Play Therapy Foundation is dedicated to helping make play therapy trainings accessible and affordable to clinicians worldwide, as well as to fund research initiatives in Synergetic Play Therapy®.

Foundation Scholarships

The SPTF provides scholarships to clinicians seeking post-graduate training in Synergetic Play Therapy® or another play therapy model of their choosing.

Scholarships are funded through donations from webinars, donors and supporters of Play Therapy. Applications which are eligible and complete are accepted throughout the year. Scholarships are awarded two times per year in April and October.


Research is also an important part of the Foundation’s mission and long-term goal to document the efficacy and scope of Synergetic Play Therapy®.  Learn more about SPTF’s current research projects here.

Upcoming Donation Webinars and Courses

100% of the proceeds of the course below go to the SPT Foundation.

Setting Boundaries in the Playroom with Dysregulated Children

This 2-hour, pre-recorded video course supports play therapists as they learn about setting boundaries from a neurobiological perspective, keeping the child’s brain and nervous system activation in mind! Drawing from Interpersonal Neurobiology and Synergetic Play Therapy®, participants will learn how to set boundaries without shaming the child or stopping the child’s play, allowing for deeper integration and connection. We will also explore working with emotional flooding (the child’s and the therapist’s).

Cultivating an Inclusive & Culturally Sensitive Clinical Practice

This 1.5-hour recorded webinar and roundtable discussion, delves into the evolving landscape of diversity, inclusion, and cultural awareness in mental health, exploring how to create a more inclusive and culturally sensitive clinical practice. Led by Lisa Dion, guest panelists Liliana Baylon, Robert Jason Grant and Marshall Lyles will share their insights and expertise on a range of essential topics, fostering a deeper understanding of the role culture plays in the therapy process, embracing neurodiversity, and creating inclusive play spaces to cater to individual needs. 

Ethical Issues in Play Therapy Supervision

This 3-hour, live and recorded online course taught by Liliana Baylon, LMFT-S, RPT-S is designed for both new and seasoned supervisors who want to enhance their understanding of ethical responsibilities and learn how to manage both the administrative and clinical aspects of play therapy supervision … whew, not an easy feat for sure! Liliana will provide valuable insights and practical tips to help you navigate the issues of providing supervision while adhering to general ethical guidelines. This course will also add awareness of how cultural diversity impacts play therapy and supervision. 

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