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Lessons from the Playroom Latest Episodes

Meet Your Host: Lisa Dion

Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S, is an international teacher, creator of Synergetic Play Therapy, founder and President of the Synergetic Play Therapy Institute, co-founder of the Synergetic Education Institute, creator of the Business of Therapy and host of the Lessons from the Playroom podcast. She is the author of Aggression in Play Therapy: A Neurobiological Approach for Integrating Intensity.

The best and the brightest!


“Lisa is one of the most inspirational leaders in Play Therapy and her words and wisdom are so useful in my own play therapy practice. If you want a framework for working with children-this is comprehensive and it really works. Thanks Lisa for your contribution to the field. This podcast is the gem in my play Therapy tool box!” – Jen Taylor, USA



“I listen to Lisa’s podcasts regularly and absolutely love them. As a play therapist in the UK, I sadly cannot access any live training but learn so much from the podcasts. Lisa’s generosity with her huge wealth of experience and knowledge is amazing, and yet she never preaches and is always mindful of different therapeutic styles and opinions. The subject range is varied and always of interest. I have told so many fellow therapists about the podcasts and they are all hooked too.” – Rachel Hill, United Kingdom

Love it!


“Love listening to Lisa’s podcast. She has a wonderful way of explaining neuroscience so it’s easy to understand. I appreciate all the different variety of topics she has covered. They have helped me immensely in my private counselling practice. From listening to the podcasts regularly, I now want to dive into the Synergetic Play Therapy program. Thanks, Lisa, for sharing your experience and wisdom with us all.” – Jodie Ward, Australia

Such a gift!


“Lisa was one of the instructors for my Somatic certification program and her lecture was such a gift! I started listening to her podcast shortly after and it’s been so help. I’m not a play therapist, but I’m a parent and many of my coaching clients are parents so her teachings and language for the experience of the child and caregivers is so helpful. Thank you Lisa!” – Abbi @enneagramspace

Insightful and inspiring


“I am in love with this podcast! There is so much knowledge and food for thought packed in each episode. Lisa is excellent in providing context, process and making interpersonal neurobiology so accessible.” – Rockin@44ish, Canada

My favorite therapy podcast!


“Lessons from the Playroom is my favorite therapy podcast. I recommend it to colleagues all the time and I love that the topics are so diverse and cover a wide range of interests and things that come up in therapy. I also really like that the episodes are somewhat short so that I can listen to them in between sessions or during my paperwork time. Lisa is very engaging and good at explaining complex ideas. I run a small group on interpersonal neurobiology in therapy and I often give my group members homework to listen to an episode of Lessons from the Playroom. They love it too!” – Heather Fairlee Denbrough, USA

Deeply grateful


“Dear Lisa, I have been listening to your podcast for the past year and it is completely transforming my practice. You have such a gift. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us. Synergetic Play Therapy makes me so excited. I have your book and have the membership and bought courses and webinars from your website. I cannot wait to do the online introductory course. A dream of mine is to one day come to the US and be trained as a Synergetic Play Therapist with you (I live in the UK)). Your podcasts are so inspiring, insightful, and enlightening. I have learnt an immense amount from your podcasts and I am really developing and enriching my practice, becoming a better play therapist and person from listening to these. With deep gratitude.” – Rachel Lenton, United Kingdom

Revolutionized my practice


“I have listened to the Lessons from the Playroom podcast over and over again. There is so much rich learning in every episode. What Lisa offers are the missing pieces. She isn’t afraid to address the topics that no one else is talking about but everyone is wondering about. Lisa strives to make the unknown known and has revolutionized how I think about my practice.” – Donna Scott, Australia

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The Synergetic Play Therapy Institute’s “Lessons From the Playroom” podcast is a series of audio and video recordings heard in over 150 countries. Every week, Lisa shares her wisdom or is joined by special guests to explore some of the little lessons kids teach us that make a big difference in the play therapy process and offer ways to transform both you and the clients that you work with.

Transform you, your child(ren) and your child clients from the inside out! This podcast is for mental health professionals, those in related roles (e.g., child life specialists, school counselors, occupational therapists, coaches, etc.), and parents/caregivers.

Season 1, First 100 Episodes

Also Featured On:

Parenting After Trauma

Lisa joins Robyn Gobbel to talk about how Regulated Does Not Equal Calm. Learn the difference between regulated and calm, including the risks of pretending to be calm when we aren’t.  As parents and clinicians who care for kids with a history of trauma, it’s important to negotiate ways within ourselves that we can be honest and congruent with our true experiences (maybe we are mad!) while still remaining regulated and offering felt-safety.

Parenting in the Trenches S8.E3

Lisa joins Karen Peters to talk about Neurodiverse families: The myths and mirrors of coregulation. Learn why coregulation is so powerful, some of the surprising misconceptions about how it works, and ways you can support your child more effectively through those intense emotions that feel like they’ll never pass safely.

Lisa Dion is a Guest on Women Today with Emma Teitel

In this rich and uplifting interview Lisa Dion shares powerful wisdom about how to lead an inspiring and purposeful life that is in alignment with who you truly are – On Finding Inspiration, Congruence & Purpose.

Straight Talk Live: Ep. 30

Learning how to manage conflict is one of the greatest skills we can learn as people. And yet most of us either avoid it or simply don’t have the tools to effectively deal with it. Lisa shares practical, science-based tools for dealing with conflict and explains what’s going on inside the brain during difficult conversations.

Regulation for Clinicians with Lisa Dion & Jackie Flynn

A 1-hour training to support therapists through the ups and downs during this global COVID-19 pandemic with regulation, connection, and moving back into the window of tolerance (including navigating online play therapy sessions). Learn how to come back online with yourself!

Online Play Therapy

Online therapy is a new option to see your clients and their parents interact in the home, but computers aren’t foreign things for children. Lisa talks about what to do with a parent in the room when that’s not the norm and how to do the intake with the parent including the nuts and bolts of the platform.

Boundaries – Relationship Tool with Lisa Dion

Interview with Jayson Gaddis. Boundaries are by far one of the most important tools in intimate relationships. How much do you struggle to say no says a lot about how much you value yourself. You must get boundaries if you want to go the distance in a relationship.

The Neurobiology of Play Therapy: A Synergetic Approach – HPP 02

In an optimal environment, most children will experience a healthy developmental process and not exhibit signs of overwhelming distress and emotional imbalances. In this episode, we dive into the world of children and what can happen to their nervous system when their needs aren’t consistently met.

Play Therapy Community Podcast: Episode 69

In this podcast, Lisa talks about her experience in many settings to include private practice, schools, social services, foster care agencies, and orphanages. Synergetic Play Therapy’s name was influenced by Lisa’s love for the brain and understanding what happens in the nervous system.

Straight Talk Live: Ep. 7

Lisa talks about “How Understanding Our Neuroscience Unlocks Transformation” and dives into *How transformation actually works, *What’s the science behind accessing your creativity, intuitive capabilities, and innovative action, and *What makes you freeze up, give up, or stay complacent.

The Neurobiology of Parenting and Healthy Child Psychology

Would you love some fresh insight and new perspective on parenting? Check out this Neurobiology of Parenting Interview Lisa did with Michael Johnson, the Mojo Master.

Science of Psychotherapy Podcast

In this podcast, Lisa talks about her book Aggression in Play Therapy: A Neurobiological Approach for Integrating Intensity  and the neurological processes that lead kids to dysregulation. Listen in as she discusses how therapists can help their clients facilitate deep emotional healing without causing their own nervous systems to shut down.

“All play is an expression of something going on inside of a child.”

In this episode, Lisa explains and discusses the importance of regulation. She also shares how we can use forms of play, children’s most natural form of communication to help. Lisa shares the fastest way of communicating with children and ways children can learn to develop a relationship with the experiences that are happening in their bodies.

Coleyology Podcast with Coley

“Therapy in my opinion, is helping the child discover what wisdom is in them and then teaching them to connect with themselves in a new way so they can direct the energy in a different place – but don’t shut their experience down.” Lisa talks with Nicole Lemaster about the inherent wisdom in the body and how to work with children.

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