Rejection is something we look upon negatively, both in the playroom and in our personal lives. But, here’s a secret: behind rejection is always, always acceptance. This is one of the many reasons rejection is a boost rather than a barrier.

:58 Lisa provides an overview of the Lessons from the Playroom series

1:55 Our development as play therapists and as people

3:20 Understanding rejection

4:00 Rejection inside and outside of the playroom

5:15 How can we normalize rejection?

5:20 Rejection as a necessary experience

6:30 Rejection and praise come side by side

7:55 Many things in life are made up of polar opposites

10:00 Why can’t we grow from support alone?

12:00 The complacency of one-sided experiences

15:30 Expect rejection when challenging ideas

16:05 Rejection simply means “we don’t see eye to eye.”

17:00 How can we recognize self-rejection?

18:30 Lisa provides an overview of rejection

19:30 Rejection as an offer of insight and a chance to change

20:00 Critiquing Synergetic Play Therapy

21:33 The importance of openness in the face of rejection

22:50 We will only grow to the degree we can handle support and rejection

23:09 Rejection from others can be a hint as to how they feel about themselves 

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