In this episode, Lisa Dion talks about a most tender subject – the “shoulds” and “should nots” that we all have as clinicians 😒 … you probably know what we’re talking about … they show up in the playroom, when working with parents and caregivers, and in our personal lives. It’s our own judgments of ourselves, and the sometimes constant brain noise that we have.

Once again, Lisa has invited two very important people to join her – Helen Ritchie and Kristina Dixon, two Certified Synergetic Play Therapists. Join in this deeply personal conversation about exploring our shoulds and should nots (you know – “I should stay calm when a child is dysregulated,” “I should not emotionally flood,” “I shouldn’t feel lost or confused in the play,” or “I should be able to manage the collective nervous system of the world”).

Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode: 

  • Why shoulds and unmet expectations register as a threat to the brain;
  • The different “shoulds” that relate to the experience of being a clinician (…you’ll hear several, but what are your own that come up in your practice and life?);
  • What to do when we experience a “should” or “should not” (in our therapy sessions, with parents/caregivers, etc.) and how to take care of ourselves in those moments;
  • Explore the “shoulds”/”should nots” for newer therapists and how to overcome the “Am I ok?” challenges of starting out in the field; and
  • Find out how the “shoulds”/”should nots” even show up for seasoned therapists (… Lisa even shares some of her own)

🎧 Listen and come back to a more deeply rooted trust in yourself as a play therapist and the amazing work that you do each and every day. Big hugs and much love on the journey! 💕

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