Lisa has a really special guest joining her for this episode and they’re doing something different today … It’s time to talk about business! – One of the most important topics we don’t talk much about as therapists. And to help Lisa out with this conversation, she has Jen Taylor who’s going to be interviewing her on her business journey.

If you’ve ever wondered about Lisa and her entrepreneurial journey, what it took for her to build the Synergetic Play Therapy Institute or create this podcast, get ready for an insightful and inspiring conversation where you’ll get to know Lisa a little more and get some business insights along the way.

Tune in and hear the answers to some very fun questions such as: ✨

  • What was Lisa like as a child and how did this influence her becoming a business owner and entrepreneur?
  • How did Lisa hone her craft as a teacher (…and some tricks she uses to manage the anxiety she has before she teaches or gets on stage- yes she still gets anxious!)?
  • How did Lisa give herself permission to go after her dreams? (and ways you can too!)
  • How did Lisa learn to tackle and work with her fears?
  • How did Lisa reconcile the challenge and conflicting feelings of wanting to be of service and make money at the same time?
  • How did Lisa come to learn about the ins-and-outs of business as a therapist? (…because it’s not something we learn in graduate school)
  • Why does she spend money on learning about business (the same way we do as therapists for training and certifications) and why did she take the same business course 4 times?
  • What was the most valuable lesson Lisa learned as she reflected on some of the biggest unsuccessful business decisions she’s ever made on her entrepreneurial journey?

Plus, hear answers to some more personal questions like: 💕

  • What is one of her favorite business books;
  • Her biggest pet peeve on the business journey;
  • The worst business advice she’s ever received; and
  • The best advice she would give her younger self now.

Listen to this episode and learn insight’s from Lisa’s journey on how to manage some of the learning curves, detours, and clunkiness of having a business, while continuing to stay focused on your dreams as the deepest expression of yourself. 💙

And if you want more, join Lisa for The Business of Therapy, a 2.5 day live (and virtual hybrid) course on Nov 11-13, 2022 👉  Lisa is so excited to get therapists in a room to teach them, not only the nuts and bolts of the business of therapy, but the psychology of being an entrepreneur – come learn how to write the book, launch the podcast, start your private practice or take your existing business to the next level! And something we do well as therapists is be in community – rallying around each other, playing, and bringing the conversation of business to life.

*Some of you might be very familiar with Jen Taylor. She’s done amazing things in this world and to support play therapists worldwide. She’s a therapist, teacher and writer. She originally launched the Play Therapy Summit a few years ago and she’s been a previous guest talking about cooperative games. Find her here.

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