In this Lessons from the Playroom episode, Lisa again is joined by Andrea Davidson, Johanna Simmons, and Rachel Freeburg – three Certified Synergetic Play Therapists … but this time for a discussion on messes in the playroom and messy play – ooh, so much fun! 

Tune in as they explore:

  • How to explain and normalize to parents/caregivers that messes are ok;
  • How to turn messes in the playroom into opportunities for boundaries, containment, and growth;
  • Ways to support children when they need the expression or sensory experience of messy play;
  • When to have a child clean up or not when messes happen (hint: it’s about the child’s treatment goals);
  • Strategies for you as the therapist to stay in your window of tolerance with messes or messy play; and
  • Understanding messes from the experience of Nervous System regulation/dysregulation.

*Special guests: Certified Synergetic Play Therapists, Andrea Davidson (Colorado), Johanna Simmons (Vancouver, British Columbia), and Rachel Freeburg (Oregon).

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