Does Teletherapy Work in Play Therapy?

Teletherapy allows us to reach clients regardless of distance. In play therapy, it requires modification and parental support. But the connection can be powerful and purposeful.

1:15 Lisa gives an overview of the Lessons from the Playroom webinar series

2:00 Teletherapy growing in popularity

2:40 The other terms of teletherapy

3:15 What is the definition of teletherapy?

3:49 How did teletherapy come about?

4:30 How is teletherapy used in mental health?

5:50 Teletherapy might not be suitable for every situation

6:21 Are there rules that govern your ability to do teletherapy?

7:00 What steps should you take before considering teletherapy?

8:15 The pros of teletherapy from the therapist perspective

8:45 The pros of teletherapy from the client perspective

9:37 The pros of teletherapy from the child’s perspective

10:22 The cons of teletherapy in play therapy (i.e., age restrictions)

11:30 Using teletherapy with adults

12:39 Play therapy modifications when working with children

13:15 Even if teletherapy isn’t ideal, it’s better than nothing (or therapy via the phone)

14:00 Teletherapy limits nonverbal communication by only showing the top half of the body – how can we work with this?

15:59 The computer makes therapy harder, which requires a higher sense of attunement and presence

17:05 The need for parent support when doing teletherapy with children

18:45 Teletherapy with children often must be more directive

19:15 Sand tray, art, and play sessions via teletherapy

19:59 Practicing teletherapy with a colleague

21:00 Working with the parent via teletherapy

22:05 Setting up a face to face meeting before or during teletherapy

23:59 Trying teletherapy to see if it’s right for you

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