Short videos talking about the power of combining neuroscience & play therapy …. 

The Power of Combining Play Therapy with Neuroscience

What You Might Be Missing About The “Freeze” Response

2 Steps to Create a Felt Sense of Safety Within

Why Interoception is Important in Play Therapy

What Regulation Actually Means!

Nervous System Activation 101

Regulation Is Not Better Than Dysregulation

Different Types of Breathing

Art of Saying “Hello” to Another Person’s Nervous System

Seeing the Brilliance in a Child’s Dysregulated Behaviors

Threats to the Brain: Physical Safety (Part 1)

Threats to the Brain: Perceptions in the Unknown (Part 2)

Threats to the Brain: Incongruence (Part 3)

Threats to the Brain: Shoulds/Unmet Expectations (Part 4)

What Emotional Intelligence Really Means

How Co-Regulation Changes Templates

Why the Vagus Nerve is So Important

What Attunement Looks Like in Play Therapy

Turn Your Sand Tray Into A Regulation Device

How to Explain Implicit Memory to Parents