Spirituality in the playroom not only means working with clients and families who may hold different belief systems, but it also means finding your own. For some, this is a higher power; for others, play therapy is their spiritual path.

1:15 Lisa introduces LFPR series

2:50 How do we work with spirituality in the playroom?

3:30 Even when people have the same belief system, it can look different to the individual

4:10 Working with other belief systems

4:30 Helping children find meaning within their own construct

5:33 What does spirituality look like inside the playroom?

6:00 Why is it important for us not to put our own meanings on ritual, stories, or symbols?

6:50 How can we connect with families who have different beliefs?

7:15 Lisa shares a story

10:15 Play therapy as a spiritual practice

11:40 Synergetics: Systems in Transformation

13:00 How can you tap into your own spirituality to help children heal?

16:30 Noticing what you’re doing right now and being present (as an active practice)

17:20 Spirituality and attunement

18:00 Using the play to cultivate presence and a relationship with your own self

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