Join Lisa as she hosts Tara McDonald and Karen O’Neill from PIP Solutions UK in an engaging discussion on the versatile practice of play therapy across the lifespan, with an added focus on the concept of symbolic repair. Prepare to be captivated by this episode, as it is filled with insightful content that you’ll want to jot down or take notes!

Key Insights:

  • Discover the various forms that play therapy can take, spanning from infancy through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood.
  • Embrace the notion of allowing oneself to be playful, whether interacting with a parent-child dyad or engaging with a client in their senior years.
  • Understand the importance of tailoring play therapy to suit the developmental stage of the client, even if it diverges from conventional perceptions of “play therapy.”
  • Learn strategies for creating a neuroception of safety for adults around play, including ways to invite parents and caregivers to be playful in their interactions with their children.
  • Explore the concept of “Symbolic Repair” in psychotherapy and its application across different stages of life.
  • Discover the timeless game that transcends any age! Learn about its captivating nature and how it manifests at every stage of life. 🥰

Join Tara, Karen, and Lisa for an enlightening conversation that delves into the myriad ways play can be integrated into people’s lives at any age, offering opportunities for profound healing through symbolic repair. Prepare to be intrigued and delighted!

*Learn more about Tara & Karen and their training institute PIP Solutions UK here. What is also so exciting is that Tara and Karen will be hosting Lisa for a 3-day in-person Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy program in October 2024 in Cheshire, UK. Get all the details here and join us in 2024!

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