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Exploring Neurobiological Links between Synergetic Play Therapy and Art Psychotherapy

By Vicki Soar This post is something I am very passionate about. I’ve noticed with both art and play therapy it leaves people thinking what is that, how does that work? So, [...]

Más allá de las palabras: Una historia de conexión

Por Lisa Dion LPC, RPT-S Me senté en medio de la habitación y esperé. Me preguntaba qué niño vendría a mí. Ella vino. Tenía unos 6 años y ni siquiera sé su [...]

How Jon Bon Jovi Co-Founded Synergetic Play Therapy®

As human beings, we all dream. And we all have people who help us dream. For me, my dream began with Jon Bon Jovi. That’s right: Jon Bon Jovi - the man, [...]

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Synergetic Play Therapy Techniques- How to Apply Them Every Day to Self

By Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S At breakfast time, I went downstairs to the hotel restaurant to eat and to spend 30 minutes to prepare for a six-hour seminar I planned to teach that day [...]

Synergetic: What does it mean? Attunement, Connection, Collaboration…

Synergetic: What does it mean? Attunement, Connection, Collaboration... "When you’re working at the level that Synergetic Play Therapy works at, you’re really experiencing synergy in the playroom. It’s a deep level of [...]

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How a Tragedy Inspired a new Play Therapy Model

How a Tragedy Inspired a new Play Therapy Model Renown therapist Lisa Dion developed Synergetic Play Therapy after a hit-and-run car accident. In dedication to my daughter, Avery Grace. When I was 29 [...]

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