Dueling Parents: Managing High Conflict Divorce in Play Therapy

Divorce is often painted as a traumatizing experience, but what it looks like through the perspective of a child varies greatly. Working with high conflict divorce requires recognizing this deviation. It also requires a neutrality, and a focus on what matters most: healing the child.


1:10 Lisa introduces the Lessons from the Playroom series

2:43 Divorce can look many different ways and children have different perspectives

3:15 Some kids are relieved by divorce, others have their worlds shattered

4:30 Why is it important that we don’t take sides with one parent in the divorce?

6:11 The parents will set you up to feel what it’s like to be them

8:26 Setting boundaries when working with divorce

10:37 Valuing your time

11:10 Therapy is about the child, not navigating the waters of conflicting parents

12:50 Cultivating safety in the home

13:20 Why do children feel like they have to take sides?

14:20 Ask yourself if you’re in cahoots with one of the parents

16:10 Communication lines must remain clear and open

17:00 Talking about money up front

18:30 How do you stay neutral and why is that important?

19:40 What is parenting alienation?

21:22 Remember, you’re not getting the full picture

23:00 How can you stay focused?