Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation in the Playroom

Sexual identity and sexual orientation are not discussed often enough in the field of play therapy. But embracing these topics benefits our clients. After all, children are colorful (and so are we).


1:06 Lisa provides an overview of the Lessons from the Playroom series

1:45 Lisa introduces Dustin Copenhefer

2:49 The need for more play therapy resources on gender orientation and identity

3:15 Sexual identity versus sexual orientation

4:15 The importance of multi-cultural counseling

6:10 The importance of staying curious

7:45 How play appreciates the uniqueness of people

8:36 Different is normal

9:56 What does this look like in the playroom? Where can play therapists start?

10:50 How can you let children know that they’re in a safe place?

11:40 “All of you is welcome”

12:30 The importance of dress-up items

13:30 What you make available in the playroom is a message to kids on where you’re willing to go

15:40  “Knowing” and “investigating” on your part aren’t important – allow the process to unfold on its own

17:00 Addressing these issues in adolescence

17:15 The gender abacus

20:15 How can you help create the resources that are needed?

20:30 Working with parents

21:30 How can you avoid assumptions and diversify your thoughts?

23:15 What happens when the parent or parents struggle?

24:10 Why is timing between you and your client so important?

26:00 Acknowledging where the parents are in the process

27:00 Serving as a model for the parent

28:05 Kids are colorful – embrace that color in them and in yourself

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