Working with dads in the playroom isn’t always the same as working with moms. It takes understanding the psychology of men, learning how to communicate in a way that is meaningful, and proving that you are a partner who doesn’t know “better”, you just know “different.”


1:05 Lisa provides an overview of the Lessons from the Playroom series

2:20 Lisa introduces guest speaker, Dave Garrison,  a High-Performance Therapist and Personal Change Coach with over twenty years of experience.

3:37 Dave discusses his kids and work experience

4:00 What’s the first thing that comes up in play therapy for dads?

4:33 Self-doubt in dads

5:30 Shame in men and the fear of judgment

6:15 What can therapists do to support dads who are anxious?

7:05 The importance of acknowledging strength, courage, and sacrifice in dads

7:55 The idea of appreciation and respect

9:00 How do we explain the play therapy process to dads?

9:45 The trends between moms and dads

10:40 The importance of goal-oriented language when connecting with dads

12:40 The social stigma of a child needing help

13:45 Dads want the best for their kids

14:00 The connection between male therapists and dads

14:30 “I just know different”

15:30 Pitfalls for therapists to avoid

17:15 Empowering the dad and making yourself his partner in a common goal

19:30 How can we give dads permission to heal?

20:20 Don’t let dads off the hook!

21:50 The importance of the involvement of dads

24:00 Setting expectations for dads

25:37 Speaking in metaphors dads understand

27:46 Taking the time to outline goals and be mindful

28:22 How can we normalize questions?

29:05 Having dads on your team is a mighty force

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