Do Children Remember Their Traumas?

Whether we remember before the age of two or three is still misunderstood and even debated, so understanding the different types of memory helps us understand that memory does indeed exist at early ages. It helps us understand that even if the mind doesn’t remember, the body does.



1:05 Lisa provides an overview of the Lessons from the Playroom series

1:53 There is debate surrounding memory

2:14 Some people believe that children remember nothing before the age of 2.5 or 3

3:00 What is implicit memory?

3:50 We have implicit memory from utero

4:15 What is explicit memory?

5:00 Memories from early on are right-brained, body-based experiences

5:30 Explicit memory is more left-brained and helps organize images and perception of time

6:15 Do children remember before age 2 or 3? Yes!

7:28 The body always remembers

8:00 Lisa discusses personal experience with trauma in utero

9:20 Implicit memories come to life in the playroom

10:28 The importance of play therapy processes with semantic points

10:50 Most explicit memories begin around age 3

11:38 All explicit memory has an implicit component but not all implicit memory has an explicit component

12:30 How is trauma stored in the brain?

13:38 Brain reacts to threats and gives us “tunnel-vision” by focusing on safety

15:33 Past trauma emerges inside the playroom

16:32 Play allows zoning out so that more experiences will flow in

17:21 Lisa recaps memory

19:21 How play helps children integrate their past trauma

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