Calmness in the Playroom – Ally or Adversary?


1:45 The idea of calming kids as a buzz topic

2:14 Should calmness be a goal?

2:27 Can calmness hinder the play therapy process?

3:04 The culture of fear

4:32 We are sensitive to aggression and bullying – do we jump to calmness as the answer?

5:11 Hyperactivity in children and calmness as a way to manage impulses

6:18 How does this show up in the playroom?

7:02 Symptoms of an aroused nervous system

8:21 Why do we want children to calm down? Is it a reflection of our discomfort?

9:11 What can we do to manage our own energies?

10:13 Do we ask children to calm down because we think we’re supposed to?

10:28 Helping a child attach to themselves

11:25 The goal is not to calm, the goal is to connect

11:38 Being calm versus being aware

12:00 The activation of the parasympathetic nervous system in children

14:28 Thinking bigger about the idea of calmness

14:50 Are we modeling regulation?

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