An Interview with an Eleven-Year-Old about Play Therapy

Kids say the darndest things and they also ask the best questions. Join Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S as she’s interviewed by her eleven-year-old daughter, Avery.  Listen in as they go back and forth discussing the power of play and hear Avery’s advice to all play therapists.

1:18 Avery asks Lisa to provide a description of play therapy

2:09 A discussion on a child’s ability to communicate through play

3:00 Lisa discusses the best age for play therapy

5:45 How does Synergetic Play Therapy differ from other types of play therapy?

6:25 What is Synergetic Play Therapy?

7:15 A discussion about why the therapist is the most important toy in the playroom

8:45 Avery’s “A-ha” moment about what is happening in play therapy

9:45 Avery relates what she is learning about play therapy back to experiences with her peers on the playground

10:35 Lisa teaches Avery how to become curious about what is going on with others when they interact with her

11:35 Lisa asks Avery to describes play therapy in her own words from her own play therapy experience

12:35 Avery delivers one of the best descriptions of play therapy- a secret code

13:20 Avery discusses why a more directive approach may have drawbacks for the child

14:27 The importance of trusting kids to share how they feel

15:03 A discussion about when a therapist should be more directive

16:25 Avery asks Lisa to talk about the kinds of problems play therapy addresses

19:20 Avery asks Lisa to share a message with therapists- the most important thing they should know

21:25 A closing message and reminder from Avery to all play therapists

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