The Importance of Gratitude in the Playroom

It’s easy to have gratitude for the good things in our lives, but what about the challenges? In this podcast, you’ll learn how appreciation can widen your window of tolerance and open your heart. You’ll also learn that clients come into our playrooms for a reason.

0:38 Lisa discusses the importance of having an attitude of gratitude

1:17 Gratitude in our culture teaches us to only embrace things that feel good

2:08 Why is it important to open our window of tolerance and allow us to hold more of what we need?

2:30 Why doesn’t the brain find gratitude in things that are painful?

2:58 In Synergetic Play Therapy, we learn to integrate by moving towards things that are uncomfortable

3:55 Working with challenging children offers an opportunity for gratitude

4:32 How can we cultivate gratitude by looking at our chance to grow?

4:55 How does working with certain children support us in being therapists? How does it support us in being parents?

5:21 The more we see the benefit of every client, the more our heart opens and the gratitude comes out

5:53 Opening the window of tolerance

6:50 How does writing a thank you letter help you view your client as a teacher?

7:20 Clients aren’t random; they come into our lives for a reason

8:05 When we are in a session, we have the chance to look into a mirror of self-reflection

9:02 Why is a cohesive narrative important? How does integration help us grow?

10:40 The fastest way to evolve as a therapist is to cultivate gratitude

10:55 Using the concept of the “thank you note” as a journal entry

11:17 How can you show gratitude to parents?

11:50 How can you show gratitude in moments of frustration?

12:30 How can you change the way you interact with parents?

13:20 There are many ways to open your heart

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