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The Certified Synergetic Play Therapy Five-Day Retreat is the second retreat in the nine-month Synergetic Play Therapy Certification Program. This program takes your SPT journey one step further with authenticity, congruency, attunement, and camaraderie. It is designed to help therapists look even deeper while cultivating community and a connection to clients (and each other!).

In order to enroll in the Certification Program, you must complete one of the following prerequisites:

  • A Six-Day Synergetic Play Therapy™ Intensive Training with post supervision
  • The Synergetic Play Therapy™ Supplemental Course with post supervision
  • The Six-Month Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy™ Course with post supervision

“I feel like I am working at my optimum level as a therapist, business owner, mom, wife, volunteer, and athlete. Last year, I was excited about starting the Certification process but felt like the testimonials might be too good to be true. They’re not. The SPT Certification process is literally life-changing. This was the piece that was missing for so many years. It’s worth every penny.” – Grace Lacuone

For program details, click here.

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