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Join Lisa for this FREE 1-hour virtual training hosted by MasterWord on “Resilience in the Trenches: Vicarious Trauma Mitigation for Professionals on the Frontline.” 

Professionals in the “helping professions” find themselves on the front lines of support during crises at an individual, community, national, and international levels. These dedicated individuals encompass a diverse range of roles, including first responders, therapists, social workers, healthcare providers, educators, religious leaders, and anyone else who offers assistance during or after traumatic events. Working in such roles inherently exposes these helpers to traumatic situations. They must listen, witness, and often directly experience trauma alongside those they aid. This not only places them in a position of immense importance for those in need but also increases their own vulnerability to the effects of the trauma they encounter.

This webinar aims to explore the impact of trauma on helpers, posing essential questions such as: What occurs when a helper experiences primary or secondary trauma? How does a helper’s own traumatic experiences affect their ability to offer aid, and what are the implications for the individuals they assist? How does a helper handle their own unresolved trauma when triggered during the act of helping? Additionally, the webinar will investigate strategies to mitigate the effects of trauma exposure, drawing from fields like Interpersonal Neurobiology and Polyvagal Theory, ultimately enabling helpers to continue thriving in their crucial roles.

Participate in this educational journey and earn CEUs from NACCM (care managers), CCHI (Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters), NASW (social workers), CCMC (Commission for Case Manager Certification), IMIA (International Medical Interpreters Association), and BEI (Board for Evaluation of Interpreters).

This event is open to the public, please visit the organization’s website for additional information. If you would like your organization to receive training in Synergetic Play Therapy, please contact the Institute at info@synergeticplaytherapy.com.

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