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Lisa is again participating in this year’s Play Therapy LIVE Online Summit with PESI from May 8-9. This year’s Summit is on From Big Behaviors to Big Trauma – The Power of Play Therapy Heals.

Children heal when they have a safe emotional space to process their trauma, vulnerability, and pain.

But the pathway to them feeling safe and secure isn’t always easy.

Along the way, there are stumbling blocks — dysregulation, unexplainable behaviors, resistance, countertransference, and navigating working with parents. 

Good news…PLAY THERAPY IS THE SOLUTION. It’s a proven pathway to a child’s innate capacity to heal! 

Now you can join leading play therapy clinicians including keynote and world-renowned child therapist David Crenshaw, Paris Goodyear-Brown, Clair Mellenthin, Lisa Dion, Tammi Van Hollander, and many more who break it down step-by-step.

Together, they will show you how to skillfully integrate fun, practical, and immediately useful play therapy interventions to meet the challenges you’re facing right now. 

You’ll walk step by step through dynamic skill sets to:

  • Accurately interpret the emotional cues of children to foster attunement and connection.
  • Become an external regulator for trauma integration and repattern states of activation in young clients
  • Utilize innovative games to help kids identify anger triggers and self-regulate in appropriate ways
  • Recognize and identify signs of distress or resilience in LGBTQ+ youth through play-based interventions
  • Discover the importance of imaginative engagement as a vital bridge to connecting with a child’s inner world.
  • Evaluate attachment styles that impact a parent’s ability to engage in their child’s treatment
  • … and SO much more!

You will leave this one-of-a-kind Play Therapy Summit with the proven tools, strategies, and skills needed to help your young clients thrive in school, relationships, and life!

And join Lisa on Day 2 (May 9th) from 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Central for Re-Patterning States of Activation in Play Therapy to navigate the intricacies of repatterning somatic templates and unlock the potential for profound healing and growth. We’ll explore what it means to become an external regulator for trauma integration and learn the process of repatterning states of activation in your child clients and how these patterns of activation shape therapeutic outcomes.  

Register with us and use this affiliate link and promo code “GP100” to receive special $199.99 pricing.

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your practice with kid-tested, proven tools that will help your young clients thrive. Sign up today for an inspirational and dynamic summit that’ll bring out the kid in all of us!


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