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Supporting a child struggling with obsessive compulsions and perfectionism can be incredibly challenging as the desire to move the child out of their rigidity and rituals can overshadow the deeper issues and stressors driving the behaviors. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a complex disorder as the reasons behind the behaviors vary from managing anxiety to past traumas to focused energy inside of a child driving them towards their genius and that which is most meaningful. Due to the complexity, therapists often mis-label, mis-understand and mis-guide these
children in how to work with and understand their rituals and need for perfectionism.

This one-day workshop guides play therapists on a path to understand the perfection in these children’s perfection. With a deeper look at the regulatory function of the behaviors to manage the internal conflicts and anxieties these children often carry, play therapists will learn how to separate the underlying drivers from the wisdom of the rituals themselves. With this knowledge, play therapists will learn how to use themselves and the play to help these children access an understanding of the greatest perfection that exists: the child just as they are.

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