Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in the Playroom

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is often misunderstood, with diagnoses that vary by country. In this podcast, Lisa is joined by special guest Natascha Lawrence as they work to break down the confusion surrounding FASD while exploring the ways to most effectively support these amazing and misunderstood children.


1:30 Lisa introduces Natascha Lawrence, a therapist specializing in FASD

3:00 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder versus Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

3:30 How FASD is diagnosed differently in different countries

4:00 The many variations of FASD

4:40 How do facial features come into play – how can their existence or absence be misleading?

6:29 How is FASD diagnosed?

7:30 Working without a diagnosis

8:59 The range of behaviors

9:30 FASD and the ability to regulate

10:00 FASD may involve struggles with expression, language, and management of stress, time, or money

11:50 FASD and co-morbid conditions

13:15 How does FASD happen?

14:00 Why is FASD on a spectrum?

14:50 Supporting kids with FASD

16:13 Working with regulation in the playroom and working with parents

18:20 The need for an external regulator

19:00 There are permanent issues with FASD, but that doesn’t mean those affected can’t be successful

20:00 A message of hope