Why isn’t this child playing? When a child won’t play in play therapy

A playroom without play can cause confusion. But there are many reasons a child may leave the toy box shut. Sometimes, it’s a reflection of anxiety or tied to a younger emotional age. Other times, this issue isn’t one at all: discovering the play requires setting aside our preconceived notions about what play entails.

1:00 Lisa introduces Lessons from the Playroom Series and call for ideas

2:30 There are several key reasons a child won’t play

3:10 Is the child flooded?

4:20 Signs of flooding

4:50 Creating a Neuroception of Safety

5:30 How can we help a flooded child?

5:45 Looking at emotional age

7:00 Working with a child who is chronologically older than the level of play needed

8:30 Concerns in the play

10:00 What might issues in the play indicate?

11:39 Are we judging the child’s version of the play?

13:30 Working with a child who is hyper-focused on a specific area of interest

15:00 How can expectations of play lead to assumptions?

16:30 Discovering the subtle ways a child may be playing