Synergetic Play Therapy Foundation

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Welcome! The Synergetic Play Therapy Foundation (SPTF) is a non-profit fundraising and research organization connected to the Synergetic Play Therapy Institute. Learn more about ways to give and current research projects below.

The Synergetic Play Therapy Foundation is dedicated to helping make play therapy trainings accessible and affordable to play therapists worldwide.
SPTF‘s mission is to support access to play therapy training and education as well as to fund research initiatives of the Synergetic Play Therapy Institute.

Foundation Scholarships

The SPTF provides scholarships to clinicians seeking post-graduate training in Synergetic Play Therapy or another play therapy model of their choosing.

Scholarships are funded through donations from SPT webinars as well as through generous contributions from private donors and patrons of SPTI. Applications which are eligible and complete are accepted throughout the year. Scholarships are awarded two times per year in April and October.


Research is also an important aspect of the Foundation’s mission and long-term goal to document the efficacy and scope of SPT. Learn more about SPTF’s current research projects here.

Upcoming Webinars and Courses

These courses contribute 100% of proceeds to the SPT Foundation

Working with Boundaries in the Playroom

Boundaries are an important element in any relationship. However, setting limits and drawing lines in the play room can feel scary.  Without understanding why and when boundaries are needed and how to set them with the brain in mind, the therapist risks shaming the child or shutting the child down completely.  This webinar explores how to work with limits in a way that benefits everyone while keeping the relationship intact.

Becoming an External Regulator for Trauma Integration

A 3 hour video course that explores the need for a therapist to act as the external regulator supporting the child to move toward the intensity they are experiencing, allowing for trauma integration.