The brain is a high maintenance organ, one that wants a challenge! In order to stay passionate in our careers as play therapists, we must give the brain the growth it craves. But we must give ourselves permission too – the permission to be ourselves and pursue what inspires us.

1:15 Lisa introduces the Lesson from the Playroom Podcast and Webinar Series

1:45 Sometimes boredom can set in inside the playroom

2:24 We all want to pursue things that are meaningful to us

3:00 Without that foundational understanding, we may set ourselves up for failure

4:05 Going to graduate school and then hating your job

5:59 What does a perfect day look like for you?

8:30 What does your language sound like when you’re uninspired?

9:30 Sitting down and considering what is inside your heart and bringing that into the playroom

10:44 The child needs you to feel alive

11:20 When we’re engaged in things that are inspiring to us, we have a wider window of tolerance

12:00 What are the signs that you need to change your job or change something about that job?

13:20 When you’re not inspired, it’s hard to be the external regulator

14:00 How does insubordination play a role?

16:04 Inspiration begets inspiration

17:00 How does fear influence our ability to find inspiration?

17:39 A fear is nothing more than a limitation in the mind

19:00 Fear forces us to create a plan

20:11 Mastering something can cause boredom; you must continue to look for areas to grow

21:30 How can you challenge yourself?

22:41 Giving yourself permission to love yourself

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