Grief and Loss in Play Therapy

When grief or loss occurs, we are culturally predisposed to expect sadness. But in and out of the playroom, children may feel a myriad of emotions ranging from heartache to anger to relief. How can we meet children where they are and give them the freedom to experience their loss in their own way? Tune in to explore this challenging topic.

2:43 Grief and Loss from the perspective of a child

3:00 How do we support the child and the family?

3:20 Lisa shares a story

5:40 The Western Culture expects sadness in grief but all ranges of emotions may be felt – how do we create space for this?

7:39 Children may put their own emotions on hold

9:08 Loss triggers loss

10:36 Often our own experiences around loss will show up in the playroom as well

12:02 What happens inside the Grieving Brain?

13:00 In grief, we only miss the positives about someone

15:40 Dopamine in grief

18:00 Keeping culture in mind when it comes to grieving

20:25 What do we do if a child asks about Heaven?

22:32 Lisa provides an overview

25:00 How do we allow children to work through grief and loss?