What does it really mean to be culturally competent?…Ā To help us kick off the next 100 episodes, Lisa is joined by a truly amazing individual who is a leader in our play therapy field – Dr. Eliana Gil. Likely you have heard of her šŸ˜‰ … Dr. Eliana Gil is the founding partner of theĀ Gil Institute for Trauma Recovery & Education.Ā As one of the pioneers for working with trauma in the play therapy field,Ā she’s written several books read by countless therapists worldwide. She’s also the former president of the Association for Play Therapy and received APT’s Lifetime Achievement award in 2011.

Join Lisa and Eliana in a conversation about:

  • What it means to become culturally competent as a therapist
  • Steps to building an anti-racist and culturally-informed practice
  • Ways to respond when children are exploring racism and cultural issues in the playroom
  • How to dive deep within yourself to move from not just reflection, but ACTION!

Youā€™re invited to think through how cultural issues can show up in your work as a play therapist. And to get curious about when these conversations need to happen, how to do it authentically, and based on your own training.Ā 

Eliana ends with a beautiful message about growing and deepening into your experience as a play therapist.Ā 



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