This next guest, from a young age, wanted to be both a philosopher and a pilot … while life took her down a different path, she has since translated the “mysteries” of EMDR Therapy when working with children for thousands of therapists worldwide … and taken many of her clients on a journey to places within themselves, giving them wings to soar!  💖

Ana Gomez is the founder of the AGATE Institute and has focused her career on working with complex and developmental trauma, healing generational wounds, and understanding dissociative patterns.

Join Ana Gomez and Lisa Dion in a discussion about EMDR Therapy with kids where Ana gives understanding to:

  • What is EMDR Therapy and how it can be applied to your child clients;
  • How to support your child clients in developing a relationship with their inner world;
  • How attunement is key in the healing process; and 
  • The importance of doing your own “work” as a therapist so that you can accompany your clients on their journeys through their traumas from a more embodied perspective. 

Listen to today’s episode and receive your “wings” from an extraordinary “pilot” who so beautifully reminds us why we do what we do, the power of this work, and why we continue to show up for our child clients day in and day out. 

*Ana M Gómez, MC, LPC is the founder and director of the AGATE Institute in Phoenix, AZ. She is a psychotherapist, author, and an international speaker on the use of EMDR therapy with children and adolescents with complex and developmental trauma as well as generational wounds and dissociation. Ana is the author of EMDR Therapy and Adjunct Approaches with Children: Complex Trauma, Attachment and Dissociation and several book chapters and articles on the use of EMDR therapy with children and adolescents. In addition, she is the author of multiple children’s books and therapeutic tools.

Check out this incredible resource formed by Ana and other amazing EMDR Therapists who are bringing EMDR Therapy into their work with children – the Global Child EMDR Alliance.

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