Have you ever thought about where and how you most connect with your sense of self and innate wisdom?… This next guest has made it her life’s focus to help her clients do just this (…48 years as a psychotherapist!)

Marie José Dhaese is the founder of Holistic Expressive Therapy and creator of an absolutely amazing and beautiful therapeutic “play home” (See it for yourself. It’s so magical!). 

In this episode, Marie José talks about how all of us hold within ourselves an innate kernel of wisdom that drives us to grow into our potential …  This view has shaped how she then attends to the nurturing sensory qualities of all environments (indoors and outdoors) and tailors each session to her client’s needs using a variety of expressive therapies.

Learn this unique and special way that Marie José approaches a client’s healing process and discover how to:

  • Address the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs of the client;
  • Go beyond a specific protocol or intervention and understand the difference between “therapy” and healing;
  • Facilitate healing not only from the “inside/out” but from the “outside/in;” and
  • Help clients connect to their inner strengths and resources (before engaging in a deeper exploration of the issues that bring them to therapy.)

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