Lisa is jumping into another most requested topic – Translating the Play to Parents/Caregivers. In this episode you’ll find out why this can be such a challenge for play therapists, but oh-so important!

Learn 4 tips for how to translate the child’s play to parents/ caregivers including how to:

  • Set the stage early on in the process for parents about what they can expect and to honor/protect the confidentiality of what’s going on in the room with the child client.
  • Develop or enhance parent buy-in within the therapeutic process. 
  • Translate what the child is doing in the room to the parents (being able to shift from a right-brain experience to a left-brain process)
  • Maintain congruence and authenticity when explaining to parents what’s happening in the child’s process 

Note: If it’s helpful, you might want to return to podcast episode #13 to discover how to set great goals in the playroom.

We know it’s tough work being a play therapist – a gentle reminder to give yourself grace and time in the process, as well as know that you’re doing an amazing job already and it’s good enough – You are the most important toy in the playroom. 💜

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