Lisa Dion’s next special guest is a Certified SPT therapist, coach, mom and Yoga instructor. She’s known her for years – all the way back to when Lauren worked in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Listen as Lauren Porter and Lisa talk about how to make Yoga a practice that can support you as a therapist and redefine and unpack yoga in a way that maybe you haven’t considered… 

…And how getting to know yourself more and experiencing a widening of your window of tolerance for your emotional states can help your practice as a therapist tenfold. 

Whether you’re experienced in yoga or not, deepen your understanding of the possibility of how yoga can support you in being with your clients in more embodied ways. 

You’ll discover:

  • What yoga is really about (hint: it’s not to help you feel better)
  • How yoga gives understanding to both the conceptual world and the embodied YOU
  • How to overcome the mental, emotional and physical blocks that prevent you (and all of us) from having a lived experience 
  • How to use yoga as a practice for knowing yourself more and why it’s so important to consider if you’re a therapist
  • How yoga can “hold you” in times of flooding or overwhelm
  • The connection between yoga and [one of Lisa’s favorite concepts) Interoception
  • All the ways that a yoga practice can look (…the answer might surprise you)

And before she goes, Lauren guides you through an exercise to unlock the diaphragm (…it’s perfect for when someone says, “take a deep breath” and you can’t – because this absolutely happens sometimes … or more times than we want to count). 

Listen to today’s episode and expand your capacity for accessing the ventral vagal response so that you’re able to stay connected to yourself with whatever is happening in you and around you (…playroom included). 

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