Lisa met her next guest at her very first APT conference. She was doing a presentation on supervision. As Lisa sat in her course, she remembers thinking, “Who is this woman?! Wow!” She was so captivated by her and her teaching – Lisa is delighted to be joined by Paris Goodyear-Brown, the creator of the TraumaPlay™ model, the founder and Clinical Director of Nurture House, and the Executive Director of the TraumaPlay™ Institute.  She is an internationally renowned speaker, a prolific author, and a master clinician. 

 Join them as they talk about how holding hard stories can be complicated, challenging, and at times confusing especially when your own stuff as a therapist comes up … Because in a sense, we’re all dedicated (… probably not consciously) to a lifelong inner-process and journey of self reflection and discovery as a way of being in service to others …

  • Learn more about how knowing many play therapy modalities helps you to be able to say “yes, yes, and yes” to all the clients that walk in your doors;
  • How to hold both your client’s stories and your own stories in connected, fun and compassionate ways;
  • Learn more about TraumaPlay and this beautiful idea of the “cascade of care” and the “Play Therapist Pallett” technique as ways to mitigate hearing hard stories;
  • Ways to practice self-care as a therapist and “detox” the trauma energy after a session;
  • How to help parents/caregivers hold their own and their child’s hard stories, especially when grief and gratitude doesn’t go hand-in-hand.

Listen 🎧 to today’s episode and discover not only how to show up for yourself and your clients in ways that are connected and compassionate, but a way of walking alongside your clients as they “tell” their hard stories. ❤️

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