Another amazing guest is joining Lisa Dion for this Lessons from the Playroom episode – Dr. Bonnie Goldstein. As a faculty member at Pat Ogden’s Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, she’s taken Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and applied it to children*

…. Fun story – Bonnie and Lisa had a random (but not random 😉) meeting in Melbourne, Australia in 2019 at the Australian Childhood Foundation’s world-renowned trauma conference. They both found themselves at the same dinner one night, and by the end, the two were cuddled up, holding hands and laughing – it was an immediate “Hi! I like you”- connection ✨

Join Bonnie and Lisa as they talk about how to bring the body more into your therapy practice to empower your child clients. You’ll hear:

  • How to utilize your own sense of self in your work with clients through embedded relational mindfulness techniques;
  • How the body influences the mind and how mindfulness and mind-body awareness come together to shift a client’s narrative;
  • How to bring in collaborative curiosity into your therapeutic work with children; 
  • How to read the client’s story through the aliveness of the body; and
  • Different techniques to help clients get into their bodies after experiencing trauma including the “choo-choo train” activity.

Throughout, you’ll hear so many client stories that will really help give you a sense for how you can bring sensorimotor work into your therapeutic practice. 💕

Listen to today’s episode and learn how to more accurately attune to your body to then be able to attune to your client’s body as the most important “toy” in the room. 

*The focus of Dr. Bonnie Goldstein’s work is to foster and heal relationships through  the lens of attachment theory, somatic and mindful awareness, and the dynamic interaction of group psychotherapy. Dr. Goldstein is the founder/director of the Lifespan Psychological Center and a faculty member at the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute. She’s authored and co-authored several publications over the years and, what’s really cool is that she has a manuscript right now at Norton Publishing where she and Pat Ogden wrote a book on Sensorimotor Psychotherapy with Children.

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