Lisa is joined by Cary Hamilton, another amazing guest, for a conversation that will transform your work with parents/caregivers who have children with neurodiverse or sensory processing challenges. 

Cary is the Director of Play Therapy at Antioch University in Seattle, Owner of a group practice clinic – Olympia Therapy and current President of the Washington Association for Play Therapy. She is an author and international presenter on Neurodiversity and Sensory Sensitivities and Play Therapy for the last 10 years. Also check out her educational platform called Playful Wisdom that offers real-world guidance to help parents develop their inner know-how and bring back the joy of being a parent. 

Hear how to take parents and caregivers from a place of overwhelm, confusion and disempowerment to a place of curiosity and deep connection to their child. Plus, hear some of Cary (and Lisa’s) lived experiences, while learning:

  • How to support parents/caregivers in trusting their intuition about what their child needs and empower them in their child’s healing process;
  • How to engage parents/caregivers when they are feeling shutdown, hopeless, or scared to engage (…Cary gives us an amazing question to ask parents/caregivers that helps them feel complete support and acceptance in spite of their struggles); 
  • How to address systemic challenges in the family (e.g., differences in understanding/opinion between partners, sibling perceptions, marital stress, etc.); and
  • How to trust the child’s lead in knowing what their body needs to regulate their own dysregulation.

Understand neurodiversity and sensory processing challenges at a much deeper level and grab some beautiful nuggets/insights in this most heartfelt and honest conversation.

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