Understanding Sleep Issues in Play Therapy

From the refusal to go to sleep to an inability to stay asleep, a child’s tossing and turning speak volumes. But why do some children want to ban the bed? And how does this look inside the playroom? A play therapist who also happens to be a sleep specialist helps us uncover the answers.

1:21 Lisa introduces Jessica Schaffer, a registered play therapist and sleep specialist

2:05 What is a certified sleep consultant?

3:20 How do we conceptualize sleep issues?

4:45 The different types of sleep problems

5:30 Biological versus behavioral versus something else

6:15 Sleep issues require us to get specific

7:15 Falling asleep as a reflection of saying goodbye

9:25 Normal sleep habits by developmental stage

10:09 Sleep looks different for young kids versus older

11:30 Nightmares versus sleep terrors

14:00 How does flooding look in sleep?

14:30 The importance of parental regulation

17:00 Sleep and the hyperaroused nervous system

17:30 The attachment between parent and child

18:05 The apprehension about falling asleep

18:33 How does trauma affect sleep?

20:00 Sleep and sensory processing disorders

20:50 Sleep apnea and children

22:00 The importance of curiosity and validation

25:00 How does the brain react when things don’t add up?

26:33 How do sleep issues look inside the playroom?

For more information on the sleep process and sleep consultation, please visit Jessica’s website

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