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Play therapy often happens inside of four walls, but the world outside acts as a co-facilitator. Nature is a powerful force for adults as well as kids. Embracing everything from roots to rocks helps the healing process.

1:45 Lisa introduces Avery, her twelve-year-old daughter

3:11 Avery explains her love of nature and nature as her go-to place

3:50 How is playing outside different than playing inside?

5:12 Sensory data in nature

5:38 Living off the land and our innate senses

6:36 Nature as a connection to our past

7:10 Fresh air versus screentime

8:30 Nature as a connector to self

9:11 What does nature teach us?

10:30 Play therapy outside of four walls

11:20 How does play therapy look in nature?

11:30 Bringing nature inside

13:00 How can nature help kids express themselves in play therapy?

13:51 Nature as a regulator

14:30 How does nature regulate kids?

15:50 Regulation doesn’t mean calm

17:59 Expanding nature in play therapy – nature as your co-facilitator

19:00 Nature focused items in the playroom

19:59 Power of fresh air

20:35 Keeping an open mind whether inside or outside of the playroom

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