Technology and Children – Is Pokemon Friend or Foe?

Children scream for ice cream and screentime too. But is technology as harmful as many assume or is it a necessity? Does using it mean a child is zoning out or could it mean they’re engaging? In this podcast, we discuss why screentime isn’t a black and white issue: inside the shades of gray is a child meeting his or her needs.

2:00 There are various opinions regarding screentime

3:05 We often worry that screentime is harmful to the brain, affecting relationships, promoting addictive behaviors, and disconnecting from the body

3:39 We can’t avoid technology: it’s everywhere

4:30 A world that is increasingly automated is inevitable

5:45 A children’s use of technology is a projection of adult use

7:00 Having a family discussion about technology use

7:51 Disconnection from others begins with disconnection from self

9:00 How are we regulating when using technology?

9:30 Using technology while sitting on a yoga ball or taking body breaks

10:45 Lisa discusses an experience with a client

13:20 Technology doesn’t mean zoning out

15:30 Dealing with a true addiction to technology is a separate issue

16:30 Can technology be brought into the playroom?

16:50 Lisa shares a story about how technology can be used to engage the mind and cultivate creativity

20:30 How does technology look in a therapy setting?

21:10 Treating technology like any other toy

24:30 Children use screentime to fulfill a need

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