Emotional Flooding in the Playroom

Emotional flooding inside the playroom is often thought of as a bad thing, but this isn’t necessarily true. There is knowledge in the nervous system and wisdom in the body’s reaction.


1:30 What is the definition of emotional flooding?

2:00 Emotional flooding is an inevitable part of a relationship

3:16 Is emotional flooding a bad thing?

3:45 The nervous system and the window of tolerance

4:20 The size of the window of tolerance changes

5:00 What does sympathetic activation look like?

6:30 Signs of emotional flooding

7:30 Riding the wave of emotions

8:00 How do we restore the perception of safety?

9:00 What does a parasympathetic response look like?

10:00 How does emotional flooding present in the playroom?

11:00 Emotional flooding is our nervous system doing what it was designed to do

11:57 Shame in emotional flooding

12:11 Helping a child through their emotions

14:15 Emotional flooding in the therapist

15:40 How do you separate your story from the client’s story?

17:10 What are signs that therapists are emotionally flooded?

17:45 How can we prevent our own emotional flooding?

20:33 The importance of boundaries

21:00 Coming back into relationship

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