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Therapists are so good at identifying and working with the problem, but are we as trained to also recognize empowerment?  In this podcast, Lisa addresses why it can be difficult to recognize empowerment and the multiple strategies that may help you identify when your child clients are overcoming their challenges.

1:15  Can we recognize empowerment if we don’t know what it is?

3:00  Therapists often spend their time looking for the problem instead of recognizing what is going well

5:30 What happens when therapists attach to the child’s story and focus on what isn’t going well?

6:48 Training your mind to look for what is going well

8:00 What happens when the child is in empowerment and the therapist hasn’t caught on yet

10:35 Understanding the Synergetic Play Therapy process

14:20 When does empowerment occur in the play therapy process

15:20 Identifying the small moments of empowerment, so that you can identify large experiences of empowerment

16:10 Understanding how to track moments of empowerment

20:00 Three reminders to help therapists identify empowerment in play therapy

23:20 The fear of being in empowerment