When & Why to Set Boundaries in the Playroom

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Setting boundaries in the playroom can be quite the confusing process!  When to set them? How to set them? Why to set them? Is it important to set them? These are just a few of the questions that Lisa will address in this podcast to help shed some light on this important topic.

1:30  Setting Boundaries as an Intuitive Process versus Outlining Rules

4:15  How setting rules can limit the child’s permission to explore what they need to

5:50  Understanding that play therapy is the one place that a child gets to do what they usually get in trouble for

6:45  Are boundaries for the child or the therapist?

8:15  When do we set the boundary and what is the purpose of the boundary?

8:55  How do we set boundaries in the playroom?

12:30 Understanding why it is so important for therapists to regulate themselves during intensity

14:30 Example of how Lisa set boundaries with 4 year old girl with sensory processing issues and trauma from a dog bite

19:15 Example of how Lisa set a boundary while she was pregnant

20:21 Example of how Lisa set a boundary with a 3 year old who tried to hit her in the face

22:41 Understanding what to do when a child breaks a toy

24:27 How to set boundaries when the play involves sand and art

27:42 Understanding how to do a repair with a child when we set a boundary in a way that we didn’t like