Supporting Adoptive and Foster Parents in Play Therapy

Working with adoptive and foster parents is a rewarding experience, but the lack of education that runs rampant poses a challenge. As therapists, one of the most important things we can do is fill in the gaps while allowing them the space to grieve.

2:00 Lisa discusses her clinical history with adoption

2:59 Education, education, education

3:15 There is a lack of education in the system

4:19 Parents aren’t always prepared due to the lack of education

4:54 Let adoptive parents grieve

6:00 Ask parents about their hopes and dreams

9:15 A rupture can occur in a child even in utero

10:00 Adoptive and foster parents are often repairing a wound they didn’t cause

11:45 When should you tell a child they were adopted? Yesterday

12:15 Children have body memory even if they don’t remember

14:00 Lisa shares a story

17:30 Why is knowing the difference between emotional age and chronological age so important?

19:15 Supporting each other in repair

20:00 The value in having direct conversations