Lying in Play Therapy

While lying often gets a bad rap, everybody lies (yep, even you!). In fact, it has less to do with manipulation and more to do with protection of self. In other words, lying has a purpose and, as therapists, it’s up to us to recognize the feelings underneath the fib.

2:34 Everybody lies

3:23 Lying is about moving towards our values and away from challenges

4:00 What is the pain and pleasure principle?

5:21 Recognizing that lying is purposeful

6:34 The projective process

8:02 What are the reasons why children lie?

10:36 Whatever the lie a child tells, it’s all part of a protective pattern

11:52 You never take away a child’s boat unless you have another one to give them

13:00 How do we handle lying in the playroom?

15:33 Endings and Transitions podcast

17:22 Remember, the lie is purposeful

18:57 How can we avoid punishing children when they tell us what’s meaningful to them?

21:07 How can we use the lie therapeutically?